ISPM 2018


The 6th International Symposium on Project Management (ISPM2018) is organized by Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Hubei Zhongke Ministry of Public Geology and Environmental Technology Service Center, which intends to invite some famous scientists, experts and scholars home and abroad for academic presentations.

All the papers accepted by ISPM2018 will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted for EI Compendex (all the precious five ISPM proceedings have been indexed in EI Compendex).

We sincerely invite experts, scholars and enterprise managers from universities, scientific research institutions, government organizations and enterprises engaged in project management and related fields to attend the conference. 

l  Call for Papers

ISPM2018 seeks high-quality, original papers that address the theory, design, development and evaluation of ideas, tools, techniques and methodologies in (but not limited to):

1. Engineering Management:

?   Structural Design and Theory;

?   Construction Environment Management;

?   Urban Planning and Management;

?   Information and Communication Management;

?   Environmental and Equipment Engineering;

?   Management Information System;

?   Project Management;

?   Quality Control and Management.

2. Economic Management:

?   Strategic Management;

?   Enterprise Management;

?   Market Analysis;

?   Trade Management.

3. Industrial Engineering and Management:

?   Decision Support System and Mode;

?   Man-Machine Environment System;

?   Supply Chain Management and Modeling;

?   Production Logistics System;

?   Industrial Design;

?   Production Planning;

?   Reliability Engineering;

?   System Simulation and Modeling.

4. Safety Engineering and Management:

?   Safety Theory and Practice;

?   Disaster Modeling and Simulation;

?   Disaster Risk Analysis;

?   System Analysis and Decision Making;

?   Control and Management Technology;

?   Human Behaviour and Security;

?   Accident Analysis and Prevention;

?   Public Safety.

5. Technology Innovation and Knowledge Management:

?   Collaborative Innovation of Information Technology Industry and Research;

?   New Information Technology-Driven Enterprise Innovation Behaviors;

?   Employee Knowledge Management in the Context of Internet and New Media.

6. E-commerce and Logistics Engineering:

?   E-commerce Credit Mechanism;

?   Network Business Operation;

?   Logistics System Planning;

?   Supply Chain Management.

7. Business Intelligence and Big Data Management:

?   Business Intelligence Management;

?   Data Mining;

?   Big Data Analysis and Application;

?   Data Risk Management.

8. Other Topics Related.


l  Submission

1. You can use our online submission system for full paper submission.

2. You can submit your electronic manuscripts to our official mailbox ([email protected]).

3. Submitted papers will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis, and authors will be notified of the review process results in one week.

4. If you have any problem about paper submission, you can reach us at [email protected].


l  Paper Format

1. Manuscripts must be written in English and written in MS Word file. You can download the sample of our article (Sample of our article.doc) and typeset your manuscript following the format of it strictly.

2. Manuscripts must contain at least the following sections: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Text, Conclusion, References. Please analyze the current situation and existing problems of similar studies home and abroad in the Introduction section.

3. Please send us your personal information while submission.

4. Please confirm that the manuscript you submitted has never been submitted elsewhere or published.


l  Publication

All the papers accepted by ISPM2018 will be published in the conference proceedings by Aussino Academic Publishing House and submitted for EI Compendex (all the precious five ISPM proceedings have been indexed in EI Compendex).

In order to improve the citation of papers, the conference proceedings of ISPM20187 will be released to 150 universities and research institutions around the world at the same time.

Excellent papers will be selected and published on SCI and EI journals.

Here are the citation reports of the precious five ISPM proceedings.

1st ISPM 2010                                          2nd ISPM 2011                                            3rd ISPM 2015

1528166980311033.jpg 1528167039855471.jpg1528167091621766.jpg 

4th ISPM 2016                                      5th ISPM 2017



l  Fees

1. Fee for Registration

For attendees who submit manuscripts, there is no more fees for registration.

We can provide accommodation arrangement, but attendees should pay for it themselves (except for the special guests).

The registration fee for entourages is of 800 yuan, which can be paid on-site and invoice is available.

2. Fee for Paper Publishing

Authors who submit manuscripts will be charged a fee after paper accepted for publication. The paper publishing fee is 2985 yuan (US$475) per manuscript within 6 pages, and 300 yuan (US$50) per page for the exceeding pages. For example, if your manuscript is 9 pages, the fee should be 3885 yuan (US$625).


l  Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: July 10, 2018

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: July 15, 2018

Deadline for Registration: July 18, 2018

Conference Date: July 21-22, 2018


l  Program Preview

2018-7-21    8:30-9:00      Opening Ceremony

                     9:00-11:55    Plenary Lectures

                                          1. China’s PPP Development in View of the Top-Level Design of Infrastructure

                                              Prof. Chen-Yu Chang, University College London, UK

                                          2. The Role of Emotion in Behavioural Information Systems Security Research: New Insights and 


                                              Prof. Xin Luo, The University of New Mexico USA

                                          3. Green Supply Chain Management and Financial Performance: The Mediating Roles of Operational 

                                          and Environment Performance

                                              Prof. Chengying Feng, Chongqing Jiaotong University, China

                     14:00-16:55    Plenary Lectures

                                            Room A: Engineering Planning and Supply Chain Management 

                                            1. Technology Orientation and Supply Chain Resilience: The Role of Information Processing 


                                                Prof. Wantao Yu, Roehampton University, UK 

                                            2. “Precocious” Planning and Reconstruction Field Work after Wenchuan and Lushan Earthquake 

                                                Prof. Lin Wang, Chongqing University, China 

                                            3. The Effect of Market Orientation on Supply Chain Resilience and from Performance 

                                                Assoc. Prof. Roberto Chavez, UC San Diego, USA 

                                            Room B: Project Investment and Risk Management 

                                            1. Risk Management in PPP Project in China: The Gap between Theories and Practices 

                                                Prof. Chuan Chen, Sichuan University, China 

                                            2. Managing Risks of Conbound Construction Projects Investment in One Belt One Road Countries and 


                                                Omar John, Committee Member of International Corporate Counsel Association 

                                            3. Investment in Italy: Opportunities and Legal Options 

                                                Roberto Salvi, Managing Partner of ICL Consulting Limited, China 

                                            4. Effective Cross Cultural Communication in Project Management 

                                                Micol Puzio, Business Director of PLTFRM Shanghai, China

2018-7-22    9:00-17:00      Presentations

l  Join Us

1. To be our academic board member

Our academic board are constituted spontaneously by experts from universities, scientific research institutions, government organizations and enterprises, which provides academic advises for ISPM2018, help to build up a platform for the conference related field researchers and promote a deep, multi-channel, all-round communication and interaction between our attendees at the same time.

As an academic board member of ISPM2018, you will get the following responsibilities and rights:

?   Give guidance to the academic exchange of the conference and lead this conference to a famous and excellent academic conference in this area.

?   Make a plenary lecture, share your latest research results with the researchers on the conference.

?   Recommend some papers suitable to our conference, which we will give preference to accept for publishing. And for the excellent papers, we will recommend for publication in SCI and EI journals.

?   Recommend other experts to join our academic board member for the development of this area.

If you want to be our academic board member, please fill in the application form (Application Form for Academic Board Member.docx) and send it to our mailbox ([email protected]). Your application will be handled in about 5 working days.

2. To be our solicited contributor

As a staff of ISPM2018 organizing committee, during the preparation of the conference, you need to advertise our conference and do solicit contributions in your university or institution according to the request of our organizing committee. We will give preference of reviewing to the papers you recommended. And you will be paid according to the number of your recommendations after the conference.

If you want to be our solicited contributor, please fill in the application form (Application Form for Solicited Contributor.docx) and send it to our mailbox ([email protected]). Your application will be handled in about 5 working days.

3. To be our cooperator

If you want to be our cooperator for the promotion of your enterprise or products, please fill in the application form (Application Form for Cooperator.docx) and send it to our mailbox ([email protected]). Your application will be handled in about 5 working days.

4. To be our conferee

If you feel interested in ISPM2018, intend to attend the conference and make a lecture at the conference, please fill in the application form (Application Form for Conferee.docx) and send it to our mailbox ([email protected]). Your application will be handled in about 5 working days.

The lecturer should submit an abstract and present only a lecture at the conference, so you don’t need to prepare a full manuscript for publishing. The abstract will be included in the agenda after reviewing.


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