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 SCI和SCIE(SCI Expanded)分別是科學引文索引及科學引文索引擴展版(即網絡版),主要收錄自然科學、工程技術領域最具影響力的重要期刊,前者收錄期刊3600多種,后者收錄期刊6000多種(包括2000多種外圍刊),學科覆蓋150多個領域。

SCI and SCIE (SCI Expanded) are science citation index and its expanded version (online version), which mainly include the most influential journals in natural science, engineering and technical field. SCI owns more than 3600 journals, while SCIE has more than 6000 journals (including over 2000 peripheral ones). All journals have covered more than 150 fields of discipline.


SCI is a world-renowned periodical literature retrieval tool published by U.S. Institute for Scientific Information. It is a collection of more than 3,700 core journals of natural sciences such as mathematics, science, chemistry, agriculture, forestry, medicine, life science, astronomy, geography, environment, materials, engineering and other disciplines published worldwide. Through its strict selection criteria and assessment procedures to select journal sources, SCI is able to completely cover the world's most important and influential research achievements.


Web of Science

Science Citation Index各大高校的圖書館數據資源里都有 但是不一定全部能下載,要看學校購買的使用情況。教育網服務范圍內不需專門注冊(大學圖書館每年都要投資數百萬做建設,購買Web of Science 是必須的,好么!)

The Science Citation Index is available in the library data resources of all universities, but not all resources can be downloaded, which depends on the use rights purchased by the university. There is no need for special registration within the education network (university libraries are invested millions of dollars every year for its development, and buying web of science is a must, ok?).


However, when logging in without any education network, there would appear the interface below: here comes the problem, how to enter without an account?

答案是:萬能的某寶,15到300不等可以享受一個月到永久的軟件服務。很多孩子問,web of science可以干嘛,它絕不是用來下文章的!它絕不是用來下文章的!它絕不是用來下文章的!(重要的話說三遍)作為一個權威的數據庫,那它到底是用來干嘛滴?

The answer is: an omnipotent Xbao, charging from ¥15 to ¥300, it can provide the software service for a month even permanent time. Many students may ask, what can the web of science do? It's not for downloading articles! As an authoritative database, what on earth is it for?

好吧,講那么多,并沒有什么用,Web of Science的正確打開方式是告訴你怎么發文章,怎么畢業,怎么評職稱。

Well, let’s put it in a direct way, the correct way to use web of science is to learn how to post articles, how to graduate and how to promote academic titles.

如果是高級玩家,那可以利用爬蟲在web of science 上獲取更多資源,只有你想不到的,沒有做不了的。推薦一個入門級爬蟲博客,對于入門很有幫助。

If you are a high-level player, you can use the crawler to get more resources on the web of science. There is nothing you can't do but think about. Recommend a entry-level crawler blog, which is very helpful for start.



Other search engines


If none of these is what you want, then let's keep it simple. Many of them are already available such as the familiar Xiaomuchong, and there is a discussion section reserved for more tips.



MadSci also has its own SCI search engines, but it focuses more on medical biology.