Assist to Publish


    Easyaca Academy cooperates with many SCI/SSCI/EI journals in various fields. The appointed journals give priority to the publication of manuscripts recommended by Easyaca Academy. Currently, articles in relevant fields are involved, which include computers, electrical and electronics, machinery, automation, materials, chemistry, energy, environment, agriculture, biology, medicine, mathematics, economics, social sciences, etc. The details are as follows:

一、期刊信息 Journal Information









       請作者將論文及其他支撐材料以附件形式直接發送至郵箱[email protected],初審后會聯系發表信息完善等事宜。

    The authors are requested to email the paper and other related materials as an attachment directly to [email protected] After the examinee manuscript preliminarily, we will contact you to perfect the information of publication.

   二、投稿須知 Instructions for Authors 


    1. The manuscripts should be written in English (British or American). No multiple submissions. No publications in other journals or conferences.


    2. The content of the article is complete and complete. The data is reliable. The chart is clear. It also has a one-to-one correspondence in the text. The article has certain innovation and the repetition rate does not exceed 20%.


    3. The structure of the paper conforms to writing requirements of international journals. 


    4. Literature reviews and references can reflect the cutting edge of international research, please pay attention to the completeness of the references and the annotations in the text. 


     5. The papers funded by national, provincial research funds are in priority, such as the National Natural Science Foundation.   


    6. The first draft can be submitted in Chinese. We provide translation and proofreading services.

    三、重要日期 Important Dates 


    Deadline: Pages are limited and no more submission will be acceptable while reaching the limit.


    Date of primary check: feedback comments within 5-7 working days after submission.  

   四、論文出版費用 Publication Expenses 


    The fees of all papers for publication are paid by the author. After the examinee manuscript preliminarily, the registration information and payment method will be sent. We will contact the author for payment according to the accepted situation after submitting the manuscript.